Entrance Lobby

As you enter the lobby of Pageant House, you are presented with an introduction to the museum and what lies upstairs. A broad wooden staircase lined with images of people connected with the regiment’s history brings you to a first-floor landing. Here surrounded by information panels about the early history of the museum, a 18th century soldier explains a little more what you will see inside.

Room 1

When you enter Room 1 you will be greeted by a member of staff at the reception desk and asked to pay the entrance fee. The displays in this first room cover the early history of the regiment from its origins in 1674 until the end of the reign of Queen Victoria. A detailed model of the shipwreck of the Birkenhead in 1852 is also in this space.

Room 2

Connecting Room 1 to Room 2 is the World War 1 trench experience with displays of items belonging to Warwickshire soldiers in the conflict. Audio and visual displays and interactives explore the sights and sounds (and even smells) of the Great War. Around the corner you enter the World War 2 displays which include an interactive central area for puzzles, touch screen quizzes and items for dressing-up. The displays include items belonging to the British Army’s most famous WW2 commander – Field Marshal Montgomery. Moving around the room in a clockwise direction the displays move on to more recent history exploring the regiment’s presence in Northern Ireland, Iraq, and Afghanistan. The final display is a book of remembrance recording the details of soldiers who lost their lives while serving in the regiment.