New Learning Brochures

New Learning brochures for Primary, Secondary & Further Education and out-of-hours groups have been launched for 2024 and are available to download here.

A New Primary Learning Offer

Following the move to Pageant House in 2022, the museum staff began working on designing new learning sessions to fit with the new interactive galleries. A pilot scheme with Westgate Primary School, funded by West Midlands Museum Development, created a series of new primary learning sessions which had been successfully tried and tested with Year 3 and Year 5 students. The museum now has a new primary learning offer which will engage students in local history and collections developing a range of skills and knowledge and providing an enjoyable and memorable learning experience. Sessions link to literacy, local history, music and art & design.

Secondary & Further Education

The museum can offer a tailored approach to curriculum linked sessions for Key Stage 3 and beyond. Our particular strengths are case studies from the First and Second World Wars. We can provide in-depth studies that will develop students’ historical skills around enquiry, investigation, evaluation and interpretation of, for example, life in the trenches. The museum has a rich selection of primary source material to support local studies such as Warwick and World War 1 that can link individuals, stories, collections, monuments and buildings.

Out-of-Hours Informal Learning

The museum can offer entertaining and informative out-of-hours learning sessions for youth groups. Cub and Beaver groups in Warwick District have already discovered how engaging these evening sessions at the museum. These include dressing-up, craft sessions and treasure hunt activities for children. The museum also offers more advanced learning activities for 11 year + groups handling historic objects and exploring the lives of fascinating individuals.