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A Soldier's Life, Saturday October 28th 2023

Exploring soldiers' lives during World War 1 and World War 2


Re-enactors from the Royal Warwickshire Regiment Re-enactment Group will be in the museum. They will be dressed as soldiers from World War Two with authentic uniforms, kit and provisions and a story to tell!

Story Trails

There will also be special story trails around the museum allowing visitors to explore the lives of individual soldiers and the extraordinary bravery they showed.

Competition with prizes

There will also be a special competition to design special ornaments for the Museum's Christmas Tree which will feature in the St. Mary's Church Christmas Tree Exhibition opening on 23rd November, 2023. The best design will win a prize!

How Animals Helped Win The War, 1pm, Tuesday 31st October

Suitable for 8 year olds and above, Alan Reed will explore the remarkable stories of how different animals helped win World War 1 - from glow worm lights to spy pigeons with cameras and of course the famous 'war horses'. This talk is free but donations are appreciated.